Custom Made Shoes at Rex Fabrics

While New York and Paris are globally recognized for being the fashion center, Miami has stepped up its game with brands that bring creative flair and superior class. It is also the hometown of Rex Fabrics, a family owned business producing an exclusive array of premium products and services for over 25 years. For those who understand the importance of quality footwear, Rex Fabrics offers the opportunity to get completely custom made shoes showcasing the finest quality of material and craftsmanship.

Their world-renowned showrooms have a complete collection of high-quality, customizable shoes, offering fashion styles and designs that are just unmatched. Created with the finest leather, these fabulous handmade shoes that are designed to fit all your needs are unlike your ordinary dress shoes bought off the shelf. The primary focus is on personalization with handmade bespoke shoes that give the freedom to make changes as per your requirements.

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Make a statement

Rex Fabrics does not believe in creating footwear, they believe in helping you create a statement.They take pride in representing uniqueness and exclusivity through the shoes that fit the distinctive personality of every individual. Each pair of Miami shoes is a work of art created by professional and trained cobblers who have sound knowledge of shapes, styles, materials and other elements that go into the making of personalized shoes.

Why Buy Shoes From Rex Fabrics?

You deserve nothing less than the best, and at Rex Fabrics, you have a wide variety of options to turn your best ideas into reality by designing your perfect pair. Wear fabulous shoes made to measure for the perfect fit from their exclusive collection featuring the following:


Constructed less formally, our bespoke Derby is guaranteed to be of superior quality compared to the factory-made articles. Our customization service ensures that each shoe fits like a glove!

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Monk Straps

This is a highly practical dress style with no lace, but a buckle and strap. Each pair is designed with the finest fabric and quality leather that guarantees durability and longevity.

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These laceless slip-on loafers have a moccasin structure and are available in various colors and styles, offering an exclusive look for people who love comfort with fashion.

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These low-heeled perforated leather shoes, featuring sophisticated leather will provide your outfit an instant update with a touch of class.

You know where to look if you are aiming for a high-quality, classy and customized pair of shoes that shines as bright as your personality.

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