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When creating unique yarn colors with worsted wool, the process is part science and part artistry.

A natural fiber has different characteristics from year to year, dependent on the conditions that the sheep have lived in (over the year) before shearing.

Sample looms are set up with different warp yarns and weft yarns to determine how the different yarn colors work together.

The result is luxurious complex colors that come to life as the warp and weft yarns work together to create a unique hue with depth and character.

From Amadeus Action bunch 851: 307.173 (72) Grey Blue Ice is perfect for suits and trousers.

From Amadeus Action bunch 851: 307.176 (75) Ice Grey makes a classic trouser that looks rich and elegant.

From Amadeus Action bunch 851: 307.177 (76) Duck Egg Blue creates a modern suit as well as very versatile trousers.

Embrace the Fall in luxurious cloth colors created by the House of Dormeuil.

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