Celia Cruz memory remains alive

Society Cleaners honored to keep alive the memory of international musical legend

Her voice transcended cultures, #Celia Cruz was a sparkling presence worldwide. From the Olympia in Paris to Sesame Street to Central Park, her inimitable style left an imprint with audiences worldwide. A misnomer, “the Queen of Salsa,” does not apply to a singer of guarachas, son, boleros and rumbas. A schoolteacher, Ms. Cruz was a feminist icon: before the development of “feelin’” she proved that women could attract the attention of record buyers in Hispanic countries. President Bill Clinton awarded Ms. Cruz the National Medal of the Arts.

@Society Cleaners, an award-winning boutique dry cleaner in Coral Gables, was selected by the Celia Cruz Foundation to prepare the historical gown from the Smithsonian Institution that will be used in a South Florida concert honoring the memory of the legendary singer.

Historical tapestries, gowns from the XVIII century, delicate garments of religious sculptures from the XIX century and liturgical vestments have been entrusted to the professional care of Society Cleaners. Celia Cruz’s gown, now in a museum collection and used in a book cover photograph, is being processed by the Coral Gables dry cleaner.  The image, known worldwide, was taken at Fairchild Tropical Garden by prominent New York art photographer Alexis Rodríguez Duarte  (The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vogue).

Our company and its staff feel proud to add the Smithsonian and the Celia Cruz Foundation to our list of distinguished institutional clients. Thank you.



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