NEW MISSION, NEW WARDROBE! The Kingsman agents make their long-awaited comeback in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.  MR PORTER has once again partnered with costume designer Ms. Arianne Phillips (and Dormeuil) to provide the Kingman agents with a bespoke collection.  Much like the film, this new collection is a bigger, bolder and even more stylish affair than … Read More

Dormeuil Fabric

Flannel: A soft touch with a clean and elegant finish. Flannel can be produced in plain weave or twill weave and is usually produced using carded yarns. Dormeuil 795.207 “Cashmere Air” is a plain weave luxury cloth in 100% Cashmere that has been napped: The “Raising” process can be employed through “Napping” where wire-covered rolls … Read More

The Science of Stretch

The Science of Stretch The innovative spirit of the House of Dormeuil has led to a new era in comfort and luxury: a 100% worsted wool with 20% stretch. Exel’s unique stretch is the result of a number of manufacturing techniques which enhance the natural elasticity of a superb grade of long filament merino wool … Read More

Cashasilk: The perfect ingredient for Fall ’15 – Keeping warm and looking cool!

The combination of 70% long filament Mongolian Cashmere and 30% Silk creates a luxury sports jacketing quality that drapes beautifully, is light on the shoulder, soft to the touch, and vibrant in color. Cashmere is an extremely soft fiber and comes from the hair of the Kashmir goat from Asia Minor. The Kashmir goat produces … Read More

Which Fabrics to Choose for Men’s Contemporary Lifestyle

There are many different kinds of fabrics to be used for making great men’s clothes and all of them have their own purposes. A collection is mentioned in Rex Fabrics which is perfect for the contemporary lifestyle of men when they want to wear these clothes with the fabrics they want to feel cooler and … Read More