NEW MISSION, NEW WARDROBE! The Kingsman agents make their long-awaited comeback in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.  MR PORTER has once again partnered with costume designer Ms. Arianne Phillips (and Dormeuil) to provide the Kingman agents with a bespoke collection.  Much like the film, this new collection is a bigger, bolder and even more stylish affair than … Read More

Dormeuil Fabric

Flannel: A soft touch with a clean and elegant finish. Flannel can be produced in plain weave or twill weave and is usually produced using carded yarns. Dormeuil 795.207 “Cashmere Air” is a plain weave luxury cloth in 100% Cashmere that has been napped: The “Raising” process can be employed through “Napping” where wire-covered rolls … Read More

The Science of Stretch

The Science of Stretch The innovative spirit of the House of Dormeuil has led to a new era in comfort and luxury: a 100% worsted wool with 20% stretch. Exel’s unique stretch is the result of a number of manufacturing techniques which enhance the natural elasticity of a superb grade of long filament merino wool … Read More

Tuxedos and Smokings for the Elegant Man

By Gladys Rodríguez-Dod Exclusively By Rex Fabrics Fine Fabrics from Around the World The modern man is fashion-conscious. Whether he is bold or traditional, something is certain: he is not afraid of dressing well. On the contrary! He explores all the avenues that fashion offers him, aware that he is sending a personal message, which … Read More

Para el Hombre Elegante: Tuxedos y Smokings

By Gladys Rodríguez-Dod Exclusively By Rex Fabrics Fine Fabrics from Around the World El hombre moderno está muy consciente de la moda. No importa que sea audaz o tradicional, lo cierto es que no teme al buen vestir. ¡Al contrario! Explora todas las avenidas que ofrece, consciente que a través de estas emite un mensaje … Read More


Por: Maritza Villarroel Exclusivamente para Rex Fabrics Fine Fabrics from Around the World Siempre lo natural y clásico ha conservado su belleza por separarse de todo lo que pueda alterar su originalidad. El hombre como tal, nos devuelve al final de este año 2013 su porte clásico y original que resalta su belleza masculina. La … Read More