Cashasilk: The perfect ingredient for Fall ’15 – Keeping warm and looking cool!

The combination of 70% long filament Mongolian Cashmere and 30% Silk creates a luxury sports jacketing quality that drapes beautifully, is light on the shoulder, soft to the touch, and vibrant in color.


Cashmere is an extremely soft fiber and comes from the hair of the Kashmir goat from Asia Minor. The Kashmir goat produces a hair with a lofty feel and natural crimp. Only 4 to 6 ounces of cashmere can be harvested per goat each year and Dormeuil only uses the long filament fiber from the neck of the Kashmir goat. The natural crimp of cashmere fiber helps in the spinning process and allows for an extremely fine and lightweight spun yarn when using long filament fiber. The yarn retains the loft of the fibers which makes it warm without weight. Cashmere also has a high moisture content, so its insulating properties change with the amount of humidity in the air, making it comfortable in all climates, even when it is warm out.


Silk is derived from the cocoon formed by the caterpillar of the silk moth. The caterpillar feeds on mulberry leaves and creates the cocoon by a single thread of silk which is formed from the caterpillar’s saliva. This strand is later unwound and converted into thread. Silk fibers create fabrics with incredible luster and drape. Silk is graded in deniers and the lower the denier count the finer the silk fiber. The staple length is about 4 inches long and has natural strength and durability. Silk also holds dye extremely well so can be dyed and woven into fabrics that feature vibrant colors.

Like Cashmere, Silk is comfortable and cool in the summer months and also warm in the winter.


At just 8 1/2 oz, Cashasilk gives you the perfect combination of lightness with warmth.

  • Superb Drape
  • Softness with Warmth
  • Cool enough for Warmer Weather
  • Vivid Coloration
  • Dimensional Stability

Dormeuil has produced just 3 x 65 yard pieces of each Cashasilk design, so there is only enough fabric in the world for approximately 70 jackets. This is true exclusive luxury at the end of the quality spectrum.

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