Black as The Night

By Gladys Rodríguez-Dod
Exclusively By Rex Fabrics
Fine Fabrics from Around the World

In December, the days are short and go by too fast, and are also full of plans and achievements. And because our social calendar is packed with parties, we have to be “alert” and choose wonderful fashions that send the message that they are “the best of the best.”

We prepare our wardrobe with great care, aware that we want to look regally every minute of the day. And what better way than wearing black! Besides being one of the most convenient colors to wear in fashion, it offers us a very special chic and elegance. And the new fashions give us a sensation of “flirtiness” with ruffles, shirred and draped materials, as well as a devastating simplicity, but that are an exuberant fantasy of the great designers.

The stylized silhouette that prevails today seems to be interpreted in rich textures of wealth with unparalleled brightness, and intricate lace and fabrics of an unimaginable softness.

Yes... think black... very black... super duper black! But in fashions which, although easy to carry, will allow you to shine as never before. You will look more feminine... sensual... more youthful and coquettish; because they are beautiful costumes where nothing was spared… with textures playing a unique role... that creates an aura of mystery, as well as a flirtatious, glamorous or sexy image. And it is that… that is how fashion is today!

Black as the night... offering us the opportunity to create an image that will endure in the memory of all... of great luxury... daring... but always providing balance and harmony. Fabrics play as important a role as the lines of the design. For us at Rex Fabrics it is of great significance, because we import most amazing fabrics manufactured in the world today. We choose fancy textures with great care, many embroidered with rhinestones... satins and brocades... corduroys and velvets... or others with some very special detail. Do not overlook our laces, from the most inconspicuous to the most striking, because they convey the idea that the dress is always a true adventure.

Tulles and organza, silks so fine that caress the skin, new fabrics that transport us to a sumptuous time of queens and palaces.

This is the time to explore luxury in fashion, but in a restrained way... with class and good taste. Remember that Coco Chanel used to say: “Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends”. And why not?

Since black also has different shades, discover with enthusiasm which one goes best with you personality. With spectacular jewelry you will be ready to go out dressed as never before.

Do you like pranks... to have fun? Then looks at CHANEL and you will find dresses with the purest of styles of this maison, in exquisite organzas worn over very short dresses, and long coats that play with the emotions.

At BADGLEY MISCHKA they also play with chiffons and silk jerseys to achieve their modern drapes, which are fitted to curves with great chic.

Taffeta is essential this season, a fabric which had fallen somewhat out of popularity, and was used only to combine with embroideries, brocades, or prints. Now it is back in fashion and it arrived as a star... and how! At NINA RICCI their creators use it in strapless dresses with delicious gathers to create a modern and very new style.

CAROLINA HERRERA offers us the opportunity to look mysterious... almost unattainable... with tulle or organza skirts and tops in fantasy textures, a very simple design and long sleeves. But make no mistake. These are creations for those with dramatic tastes and a firm attitude that will permit them a triumphal entry into any soirée.

The see-through fabrics were once again front page, and what a better way to dress her, but in the most beautiful of laces. ELIE SAAB preferred his to be luxurious and in a very intricate design, which will be embraced by young women possessing a spectacular silhouette.

ZUHAIR MURAD went a step further creating very bold models mixing tulles, chiffons or organzas with the finest of laces imaginable... leaving everything to the imagination! But OSCAR DE LA RENTA, always a gentleman, launched dresses lined in flesh-colored materials to create this same look... but only leaving it for “he” to imagine all that he wants to “look at” but... without showing it. Was he not a genius?

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