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Looking for a unique, rare fabric for your suit or jacket? Loro Piana has got your back. Included in luxury fabrics, Loro Piana offers a large variety of suiting materials, obtained from rare sources. It is a material that makes your personality stand out – be it for your big day or an important meeting. If stitched just according to your individuality, Loro Piana fabrics can become your style statement!

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Choosing Material for Loro Piana Suit and Jacket

The Italian clothing company, Loro Piana manufactures luxury fabrics in wool and cashmere. You can choose from a large variety of Loro Piana fabrics and hire bespoke tailoring services for wearing your signature style. For that, you need to understand the variety of fabrics in Loro Piana Miami.

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Also known as their Gift of Kings range, Loro Piana’s wool is known as the world’s finest only 12 microns diameter wool. All Loro Piana wool fabrics are sourced from the highest quality Merino sheep reared in New Zealand and Australia. Previously used by Europe’s royal families only, the wool is now sold at Rex Fabrics.

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Being the world’s largest cashmere and baby cashmere manufacturer in the Western world, Loro Piana takes pride in sourcing its finest cashmere lot from Mongolia and Northern China. The small and extraordinary animals grow an undercoat beneath their outer hair to protect from harsh winters. These undercoats, with an average diameter of 14.5 microns, are reduced with thermal osmosis technique and processed to bring you the highest quality cashmere for bespoke tailoring. Its collection is available and sold at Rex Fabrics.

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Loro Piana is the only authorized company, backed by the Peruvian Government to purchase, process and export Vicuña as textiles and other finished products. Vicuña is the finest wool fabric obtained from rare and extinct species of camel Vicuña that lives in wild areas of Andes. It's ultra soft, sunbathed fleece makes it an ideal choice for any kind of special occasion.

The exclusive fabrics can be used for making Loro Piana suits or Loro Piana jackets. Rex Fabrics offers a large variety in Loro Piana Miami. Bespoke tailoring services make Rex Fabrics stand out in the Miami tailoring market.

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